About Organiksa


We are on our way to becoming the leader company in our country with its wide dealer and representative network.


We are known for exporting to European countries


We use fertilizers even in the most remote corners of Africa

Middle East

Agriculture has begun to be asked in Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Qatar and many other Middle Eastern countries

Far East

We are throwing our fertilizers into far east lands, especially Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia.

South America

We export our fertilizers to many South American countries, especially Colombia, Panama, Ecuador.


We send the Turkish Leonardit with the agreements we made in the United States of America.


We are going to increase yields on unproductive land, especially in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia, with its large steppes.

Organiksa S.A began its operations in agriculture in 1991. Originally the activity focused on the development of humic and fulvic acids based products. The success of humic acids products Magic Leon, Black Diamond and Ormin K Plus was a shift in corparate policy of Organiksa S.A from being a local company with sales in the territory of Turkey, to be a company with a strong export character