ORGANIKSA A.S. an independently owned and operated mining and processing company located in Turkey in a closed area 35.000m2 opened area 55.000 m2 an area boasting one of the richest Soil Conditioner deposits in the world. Organiksa A.S is a global manufacturer and supplier of humus acid products. We offer distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers our organic humus acid products at the most competitive prices in the market. 20.000 Tons Liquid Fertilizer Production Per Month. It can serve humic acid demand all over the world.
Our research, testing, and efficacy trials have proven that our products contribute greatly to plant growth, root development, soil remediation, higher yields, and result in an overall healthier agricultural production. Given this growing organic trend around the World, the demand for humic acid and nutrient delivery enhancement, we fill the void where others in the industry take advantage with outrageous prices.
It is a high quality plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner containing 100% water soluble concentrated Humic and Fulvic acids.