NPK+Micro Elements 7-7-7

Magic Leon Granular NPK+Micro Element 7-7-7+TE

Magic Leon is a Organic proprietary fertilizer specially formulated for use on most crops. Through our patented (turan) fusion technology process, organic matter, humic and fulvic acid, NPK with trace elements and sulfur are fused into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition.


NPK+Micro Element 7-7-7

o NPK+Micro Element 7-7-7 Stimulates plant enzymes and increase their production.
o Acts as an organic catalyst in many biological processes.
o Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable micro-organisms in soil
o Enhances plant’s natural resistance against diseases and pests.
o Stimulates root growth, especially vertically and enable better uptake of nutrients.
o Increases root respiration and root formation.
o Promotes the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis.
o Increases vitamin and mineral content of plants.
o Thickens the cell walls in fruits and prolongs storage time.
o Increases germination and viability of seeds.
o Stimulates plant growth (higher biomass production) by accelerating cell division, increasing the rate of development in root systems and increasing the yield of dry matter.
o Increases the quality of yields; improves their physical appearance and nutritional value.
o Improves and optimizes the uptake of nutrients and water by plants.
o Increases buffering properties of soil.
o Acts as natural chelator for metal ions under alkaline conditions and promote their uptake by the roots.
o Becomes rich in both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth.
o Retains water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and reduces leaching.
o Possesses extremely high cation-exchange capacities.

Product Uses: Soil, base fertilization and micro element deficiencies during the growing season.

Bad Weight: 25 kg pp bags and 1 ton big bags


Total Organic Matter 25%

Total Organic Carbon 5%

Humic & Fulvic Acid 25%

Total Fulvic Acid 2%

Total Organic Nitrogen 1 %

Water Soluable 5%

Total Sulfur 2%

Maximum Moisture 20

Total Nitrogen 7%

Water Soluble Phosphorous 7%

Water Soluble Potassium 7%

Water Soluble Zinc 1%


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The product, in accordance with the intended use and location, must be in contact with the ground in granular form and mixed with the soil. It can also be applied to the root region of the plant by dissolving it in water or it can be applied by spraying.
. During the soil preparation process; The soil prepared for sowing is seeded with a seeder or hand, and then lightly mixed with the product.
. In the tree of the trees; It is used with strip or tape application. It is applied to the soil in the form of a circle or strip to the projections of the plant and is mixed with the soil by light processing.
In the field and outdoor vegetable growing; It is again applied to the root regions of the plants in the form of bands or strips and mixed with the soil.

In all crops Soil conditioning 300Kg/He

Vegetables in green houses (tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini) Soil Preparation, Root Growth,
Fertilization 100-150 kg/ha divided into several

Horticultural trees (kiwi, citrus groves, banana, wine grapes stone fruit) Soil Preparation, Root Growth,
Fertilization 0.5-1Kg/trees or 100-150 kg/ha divided into several

Open field vegetables Soil Preparation, Root Growth,
Fertilization 10-15Kg/m3

Cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oat, maize, rice, etc.), potatoes, beans, peanuts Soil Preparation, Root Growth,
Fertilization 250-300Kg/He

Ornamental plants and forest nursery landscaping, turf grass (in general) Soil Preparation, Root Growth,
Fertilization 10-15Kg/m3