Ormin Amino Plus 8-15-8 Powder

Ormin K-Humate 8-15-8 Amino Acid Power, a %100 water soluble plant based natural fertilizer perfect for mixing in your sprayer, injector or irrigation system.


Ormin Amino Plus 8-15-8 Powder

o Ormin Amino Plus 8-15-8 Powder An economical and organic source of naturally derived water soluble nitrogen with amino acids
o Very easy to handle. Soluble in water in just moments.
o No soil leaching, phytotoxicity (plant burn) or risk of salt accumulation.
o Greatly reduced shipping costs as compared it organic bulk fertilizers.
o Nutrient rich in amino acids and peptides.
o Improves uptake of both inorganic and organic forms of nitrogen


Total Organic Matter 50 %

Total Organic Carbon 20%

Humic & Fulvic Acid 1 %

Total Amino Acid 55%

Total Free Amino Acid 40 %

Total Nitrogen 8%

Water Soluble Phosphorous 15 %

Water Soluble Potassium 8 %

Total Protein 10%

Total Organic Acid 10%

Total Protein Nitrogen 2%


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The product, in accordance with the intended use and location, must be in contact with the ground in granular form and mixed with the soil. It can also be applied to the root region of the plant by dissolving it in water or it can be applied by spraying.
. During the soil preparation process; The soil prepared for sowing is seeded with a seeder or hand, and then lightly mixed with the product.
. In the tree of the trees; It is used with strip or tape application. It is applied to the soil in the form of a circle or strip to the projections of the plant and is mixed with the soil by light processing.
In the field and outdoor vegetable growing; It is again applied to the root regions of the plants in the form of bands or strips and mixed with the soil.