Ormin Alga Seaweed Powder
Magic Leon Granular Leonardite With Combi Micro Element

Ormin K-Humate 8-15-8 Amino Acid Power, a %100 water soluble plant based natural ferilizer perfect for mixing in your sprayer, injector or irigation system.

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Total Organic Matter
Total Organic Carbon
Humic & Fulvic Acid
Total Amino Acid
Total Free Amino Acid
Water Soluable Potassium
Total Protein
Total Organic Acid
Total Protein Nitrogen

Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. %100 Water Soluable

What is the benefits?

  • An oconomical and organic source of naturally derived water soluble nitrogen with amino acids
  • Very easy to handle. Soluble in water in just moments.
  • No soil leaching, phytotoxicity (plant burn) or risk of salt accumulation.
  • Greatly reduced shipping costs as compared tı organic bulk fertilizers.
  • Nutrient rich in amino acids and peptides.
  • Improves uptake of both inorganic and organic forms of nitrogen


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Organiksa Fertilizer AS from Turkey The Company name: Organiksa Fertilizer AS Let us introduce ourselves as the Exporter, Producer and mining Leonardite Soil Conditioner and Liquid humic Acid Fertilizers location in Turkey. Organiksa INC is an independently owned and operated mining and processing company and our own area boasting one of richest Leonardite Humic Acid deposits in the world. We also produce Organic, Organamineral, Chemical Fertilizers and exporting 45 different countries. We export as Soil Conditioner and Fertilizers whilst our qualities are appreciated for their excellency, our prices are lower than those of other exports. Packaging & Shipping We can load 25 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags from Gemlik Port of Turkey

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