NPK 15-15-15

Ormin Gold NPK 15-15-15 + ME Powder %100 Water Soluble

Soluble fertilizers are designed for soil application. Our products are 100% soluble, even at low temperatures, which facilitates handling and reduces problems of solubility. Besides, the formulation is completed with an extra supply of cheated micro elements, which improves the response of the plant. Due to the high quality of raw materials and formulation and being free of chlorine, heavy metals and impurities, our products can be used in foliage application, as they are absorbed efficiently by the plant.


Ormin Gold NPK 15-15-15

o Ormin Gold NPK 15-15-15 Improved structure of soil: Prevents high water and nutrient losses in light, sandy soils, simultaneously converting them into fruitful soils by way of decomposition. In heavy and compact soils, aeration of soil and water retention is improved; cultivation measures are facilitated.
o Prevents soil cracking, surface water runoff and soil erosion by increasing the ability of colloids to combine.
o Helps the soil loosen and crumble, and thus increases aeration of soil as well as soil workability.
o Increases water holding capacity of soil and thus helps resist drought.
o Darkens the color of the soil and thus helps absorption of the sun’s energy
o Enhances the soil cation exchange capacity (CEC)
o Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient leaching
o Promotes root development
o Increases the permeability of cell membranes in the roots and increases nutrient uptake
o Acts as a natural chelator for microelements in alkaline soils and increases their availability for plants
o Decreases stress by drought and stress by the application of plant treatments
o Increases the germination of seeds
o Reduces the residues of herbicides and toxic substances in the soils
o Prevents the nitrogen from leaching
o Keeps 100% of nitrogen readily available for the plant


Total Organic Matter 25%

Total Organic Carbon 5%

Humic & Fulvic Acid 25%

Total Fulvic Acid 3%

Total Organic Nitrogen 1%

Water Soluble Nitrogen 15%

Water Soluble Phosphorus 15%

Water Soluble Potassium 15%

Water Soluble Zinc 1%


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The product, in accordance with the intended use and location, must be in contact with the ground in granular form and mixed with the soil. It can also be applied to the root region of the plant by dissolving it in water or it can be applied by spraying.
. During the soil preparation process; The soil prepared for sowing is seeded with a seeder or hand, and then lightly mixed with the product.
. In the tree of the trees; It is used with strip or tape application. It is applied to the soil in the form of a circle or strip to the projections of the plant and is mixed with the soil by light processing.
In the field and outdoor vegetable growing; It is again applied to the root regions of the plants in the form of bands or strips and mixed with the soil.

In all crops Soil conditioning 5-10 kg/ha divided into several
doses (1-2 kg/ha) during the season
Vegetables in green houses (tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini) Soil As of planting until 3 to 4 weeks before harvesting depending of crop:leafy or fruit bearing crops 3-6 kg/ha divided into several
doses (1-2 kg/ha)
Horticultural trees (kiwi, citrus groves, banana, wine grapes stone fruit) 3 times from early vegetative growth and until start of fruit development 5-10 kg/ha divided into several
doses (1-2 kg/ha)
Open field vegetables From vegetative growth till tuber initiation and until 10 days before end of tuber enlargement 3-6 kg/ha divided into several
doses (1-2 kg/ha)
Cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oat, maize, rice, etc.), potatoes, beans, peanuts From enough foliar coverage 3 applications during growth stages 3-6 kg/ha divided into several
doses (1-2 kg/ha) during the season
and at the time of fertilizer application
Ornamental plants and forest nursery landscaping, turf grass (in general) As of start of fertigation / early stage of bud opening until end of flowering period 5-10 kg/ha divided into several doses (1-2
kg/ha) or 1 kg/m3 during the
preparation of substrates