Ormin K Plus Potassum Humate Powder

Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. %100 Water Soluable.

Ormin K Plus Huamte is a dense high biostimulant consists of humic and fulvic acids. The humic and fulvic acids of this preparation stimulate the growth of plants and act as regulators of the soil, particularyl in sandy and non porous (clay) soils. In these types of soils, Ormin K Plus improves the water capacity, the aeration and activation of micro-organisms at the region of the root system. More over, it activates root system growth, increases absorption of nutritive elements. Furthermore, it acts in synegy with other fertilizers, thus intensifies its activity.

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