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Who We Are

Organiksa is the manufacturers and distributors of world class quality products around the world and emerged as one of the Major players in the field of Fertilizers.

We Are

14+ Years Experienced


ORGANIKSA A.S. an independently owned and operated mining and processing company located in Turkey in a closed area 7.000m2 opened area 50.000 m2 an area boasting one of the richest Soil Conditioner deposits in the world.

Organiksa A.S is a global manufacturer and supplier of humus acid products. We offer distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers our organic humus acid products at the most competitive prices in the market. We employ every possible efficiency to keep our prices as low as possible and pass these savings on to our customers. In conjunction with this philosophy, we continue to deliver the highest quality humus acid products available Worldwide.

Eser Sevinç, Export Manager

Read Our History

Under the perceptive leadership appropriately supported by a team of highly skilled professionals in the various and diverse field Organiksa became a name to reckon with, for reliability and quality of service, in the field of chemicals & Fertilizers industry.


<h2>Started the Company</h2>

Started the Company

Automated plant with the yearly capacity of 45,000MT of NPK chemical compound Fertilizers and 10,000MT for specialty products. The setup can currently handle bagged and bulk cargo, which can be packed as per customer request with the help of in-house industrial printer.


<h2>We Improved Ourselves</h2>

We Improved Ourselves

Sheer dedication, relentless hard work, best quality products and excellent service to all its customers, has put the company high up in the Industry. One of the major reasons for our growth is also because of our conscious effort and commitment to produce clean, safe and effective products for our clients. With excellent quality control, all our products are manufactured with materials that are free of any harmful biological organisms.


<h2>8 Branches Worldwide</h2>

8 Branches Worldwide

We are environment friendly company and our production process is designed to minimize any risk of contamination or pollution.


<h2>New markets</h2>

New markets

The success story continues as the company captures new markets in Middle East, Asia Africa and South America. Now presently serving customers in 27 countries with efficient supply chain and the quality of manufactured fertilizers, turnovers have increased exponentially during the past several years.

Industry Covered

We Designed for Commercial & Non Commercial Industries.

Our products have higher concentrations of Humic and Fulvic Acids and significantly low levels of ash and heavy toxic metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. In summary, our products contain high percentages of the beneficial components that humic acid offers, with below detectable levels of the undesirable trace elements.

The future seems bright, as demand for fertilizers continue to grow on account of the greater nourishment requirements of the world population, which is increasing at a staggering pace as well as the growing intensification of farming, green houses, golf courses hydroponic farms. The trends towards higher quality food and meat will result in a further increase in fertilizer consumption.

Our research, testing, and efficacy trials have proven that our products contribute greatly to plant growth, root development, soil remediation, higher yields, and result in an overall healthier agricultural production.

Our company has the capabilities to produce our organic humic acid products on a massvolume scale and can serve demand for humic acid all around the World. The market for organic products is continuously expanding, especially in the production of crops.

Given this growing organic trend around the World, the demand for humic acid and nutrient delivery enhancement, we fill the void where others in the industry take advantage with outrageous prices. With our proprietary process, cost saving strategies, and volume based business model, we contribute to the agricultural World an affordable organic alternative at rock bottom non-organic prices.


Leonardite is the oxidized form of lignite coal formed as a result of a humification process lasting 70 million years. Has high cation exchange capacity

Soluble Fertilizer

It regulates the physical and chemical structure of the soil by dissolving the hard structure in the soil and providing the plant root development.

Humic Liquid Fertilizer

Humic acids produced by humus in the soil are effective in soil fertility.

Our Clients & Partners

we give 100% satisfaction to Our Clients & Business Partners


Years of Experienece


Completed Projects


Expert Team Members


Corporate Partners