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About Organiksa

Our company as a Fertilizer Manufacturer works on the field of  plant nutrition; Organomineral fertilizers, Chemical fertilizers, Leonardite Soil Conditioners.  


Why Organiksa

100% Organic Elements

Everything Organic!

Choose Organiksa in your plants for plant and human health. Get individual support from this extensive network of worldwide distributors and dealers.
Our products

The Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer production facilities located in Balikesir, Balıkesir are produced with the technological machinery course and with the meticulous workmanship and quality of the expert ARGE staff.

Farm Support

Wide Reseller Network and Arge

We are happy to support our farmers as an organism.
Social network

We inform our farmers with our internet sites, phones, social network accounts and movies we shoot

Features of Our Products

What are the benefits of our products in general?

It increases nutrient uptake. Improves soil properties. Increases the content of organic matter. The soil augers and improves water intake. Useful earth activates its creatures. Increase yield and quality in harvest. It encourages root development. Prevents soil erosion. EC and pH values.

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