Humic acid as an important part of Biostimulants which is getting more and more attention. However, What’s good quality Humic? Do we have easier way to identify the quality?  Of course we develop lots specification item to test the Humic, like Solubility, Humic content, Potassium content, Fulvic content, but frankly speaking, this kind of test can only judging content for register, also take lots time and money(usually tested by the lab), even though due to the test method difference(like kononova from Fitosoil, Californian test from American, ISO test method), you will be confused about the rest. By the way, the HPTA will promote a new test method, hope we will have a standard test method.

Challenges & Solutions

Based on that, we select several tests to show the Humic acid ability, not just content. Anti-acid condition, Anti-hard water, Anti-Gel, Compatibility with other elements. Each test will be simple and intuitive, you can easily repeat it.